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Green Monster

This is just my honest opinion, and I won’t preach to and nag anyone about why I think they should drink them (not too much at least…) – it’s not enjoyable when someone tries pushing their beliefs and lifestyle choices on you. And I have definitely found out since working on eating healthier, real, whole foods that my choices really do make some people uncomfortable, defensive even. But I will share here on my blog why I feel everyone should try them…

I started drinking them in January of this year, after I decided to try ‘clean eating’ and what not. My story as to why is a whole ‘nother post that will wait for now… I’d seen the endless Pinterest pins of the Green Monster recipes, thinking ‘that looks absolutely disgusting’. I never thought I’d be incorporating them into my days in the near future. And I never thought that I’d LOVE them and get other people to love them too! Through my healthier lifestyle research and reading, I came across The Wellness Warrior blog and ended up buying her awesome eBook, Make Peace With Your Plate. With it, I also got her Green Mo Revolution eBook – which you can get just by signing up on her blog to receive updates. It’s over 80 green smoothie recipes, mostly submitted by her readers plus some of her favorites. (Sidenote: her website is amazing and inspiring, and so is her story. I recommend checking it out and downloading her MPWYP eBook too.)

Anyway – long story short is I started making them at the office in the afternoons and immediately started feeling results. They’re a wonderful boost of energy, are super healthy and taste awesome. And some days I just really want something sweet to drink, that isn’t full of sugars, artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservatives and whatever else is in most drinks that aren’t water, which I’m really bad about drinking. They’re full of raw, wholesome real foods, and I try to keep them all organic too which is even better. But, I’d say if you can’t get organic produce, still make them – something is better than nothing and your body will thank you. The best part for me I think, is that it’s opened my eyes to how great healthy, real foods make me feel. It’s opened a door to a whole new world essentially (and unfortunately) that a lot of people have gotten away from and turned their heads from. It’s brought me to amazing blogs, testimonials and stories about how clean, healthy eating has changed people’s and families’ worlds. And I really enjoy learning about it all.

I’ve had some small victories too, getting others to try these healthy little concoctions. One of my coworkers, a man in his early 60s very set in his ways, who isn’t really a fan of healthy anything gawked and remarked at how terrible the smoothie looked when I made one. I gave him a small cup and asked him to taste it – he drank the entire thing and loved it. I’ve got two ladies in the office drinking them, one even asked me this morning for the recipe for the one I made today (recipe below, it’s SO good!). I’ve had comments on my FB page from friends saying how absolutely horrendous they look – but I know they will love them when I have them try them. My almost 3 year old daughter is my ultimate test – she eats about 8 different food items, and none are vegetables. I have convinced her to drink the Odwalla Super Food green juice with fish oil added in, that I call her special apple juice just so she’ll drink it, and put in a sippy cup she can’t see through {HEY a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do some days!!}. And yes, while this isn’t the healthiest choice, with the sugars and other preservatives in it, I choose my battles. Because she’s also getting greens, wheatgrass and other healthy things in her little body. The next step will be one of my green smoothies, made very runny so she doesn’t freak out on the texture…I’m determined and hopeful!

I won’t go into great detail all of the health benefits and pros…I’ll add some links below to some good resources for that. But, there are some obvious ones: no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, extra water to add to your daily intake, tons of energy provided from the fresh fruits and veggies, fiber, and a plethora of vitamins and minerals. They can be consumed for breakfast, like I did today, or as a mid-day snack for an energy boost, my usual choice. You can add extra supplements needed (fish oil, calcium, etc) or superfoods like maca powder (I use this now, sparingly, and I absolutely positively love it!). All in all, I don’t see or feel any cons from my tasty green smoothies.



My smoothies are pretty basic, and usually don’t change much. Here is the recipe for the one I made this morning:

1 cup vanilla coconut milk (I usually use water, but this coconut milk is SO good in it, not completely clean but that’s ok…I bet almond milk tastes good too)

1 to 2 large handfuls washed greens (spinach, kale, baby kale, power greens)

Squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

1 frozen banana, cut in pieces

1  handful of blueberries

Optional – maca powder, dash of cinnamon

Other fruits I sometimes add – fresh peaches, mango, nectarine

Puree/liquefy the liquid, greens and lemon juice together really well until you don’t see any large pieces of greens. Add blueberries and frozen banana pieces; blend well. Add more liquid if too thick.



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