Girlie Room: Garland Decor

My little sugar recently graduated from the crib to a big-girl toddler bed – why we had a momentary lapse of sanity and decided to bring this little-person freedom upon us is beyond me. She actually loves it and does pretty well in it, to give her some credit. We’re in week three and it’s been fairly uneventful for the most part. The first night, when we thought she was fast asleep in her big girl bed dreaming of chicken nuggets (not puppies or clouds, she’s not obsessed with those…), she came bursting into the living room twice like a mad woman who just escaped prison, giggling her head off, and one last time with her new hammering toy from Ikea that she managed to find in the dark.

Big Girl Bedtime

It was pretty hilarious, and I had to try and hold my laughs and smiles back. Love that kid. She has also gotten in the habit of waking up in the middle of the night to crawl into bed with us.  How can you resist her cute little smirk and ‘Hi Mommyyy’ whispers in the dark at 2am???…Daddy tried to put an end to that pretty quick. Who doesn’t love tiny little girl toes shoved into your back, little fingers poking your ears, and ‘daddyyyy I woke upppp’ declarations in the midle of the night…sheesh. Alas little mini wins –> most nights she gets in the bed with us and we let her stay. You can’t blame the girl for being so excited about her new found freedom. And for wanting to cuddle between mommy and daddy. One day she’ll want none of this and I’ll miss it.

I am also excited, mainly because I got to re-arrange her room.  I have some plans for the room, most that I’ve found while ‘pinning’, so I thought I’d document and share what’s inspiring me. {we’ll see if these actually get done} Gah, I love pretty girlie rooms! And Pinterest. And DIY blogs.



This dainty paper flower garland was pinned by Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine from an Etsy shop.It’s for weddings, but I love it for a big girl room. So sweet and delicate, and the colors are perfect.

Lille Syster Garland


Another from Etsy via Pinterest, these Cotton Candy Mini Party Pom garlands are adorable. Little bursts of color. I think I’d like them in pale pink and yellow.

Party Poms Garland


I love this DIY Paper Heart Wall Art from HoneybeeVintage…it’s a cute alternative to the regular garland decor.This would be perfect anywhere in the room. Easy and fast too, love it.

honeybee vintage wall art