Baby In Our Wildest Moments

Don’t have much to post. Or, really, just too freaking much.

Til I sort through it all, I leave this. I’m obsessed with this song since hearing it over and over in cabs in Brooklyn this past weekend. Jessie Ware’s Wildest Moments.

In love! Enjoy.

Be back soon.


Tag! {Holiday Gift Tags}

Lovely gift tag ideas and some free printables for your holiday packaging! Enjoy.


Holiday Gift Tag Printable Freebies – 3 of them! –  by David Saracino, brought to you by Design Sponge.


Saracino Gift Tag

Rustic wooden gift tags at A Subtle Revelry

Subtle Revelry Tags


Adorable holly illustrated gift tags tied with baker’s twine onto burlap bags filled with jars of homemade jam – so cute!! From A Country Farmhouse.

Country Farmhouse Gift Tags


Back in 2010 Jones Design Company posted 4 sets of FREE Gift Tag printables – and you can still get them! There’s black, festive, green and taupe and they feature cute designs like polkadots, stripes and chevron.


Jones Free Gift Tags


Home for the Season by Neil Halstead

Hello Hello December

I cannot believe it’s December already. The holidays are my favorite time of year. And despite some stress and the ridiculously warm weather (not cool, Dallas) making it hard to get in the holiday spirit, I’m determined to get in the winter state of mind.

These help.


December Calendar

Downloadable December Desktop Calendar by Rebekka Seale


Kinfolk Playlist

Kinfolk Christmas Playlist


Chalkboard Merry Bright


Snowy Porch


Winter Porch Wreath


79 Ideas Christmas

Uh, 79 Ideas is just amazing. Go there.


My WINTER Board on Pinterest, lots of holiday pretties.


River is one of my absolute all time favorite ‘winter’ songs. While the original is wonderful (and the mister’s fav), Sarah’s version is beautiful.

“I wish I had a river so long, I would teach my feet to fly…”

Happy November

Been MIA the last month…be back soon with some posts…

For now, a little inspiration on this lovely Wednesday. It WILL be a beautiful day. This is definitely a season of change in my life, and it’s amazing.



My Soul


The Secret




Pretty Song for the Day: Ho Hey by The Lumineers, covered by PS22 Chorus

If you have never listened to these kiddos before, go do it now. The passion and heart that they show is absolutely inspiring, and their teacher is a pretty amazing guy. I’ve been listening to the PS22 choruses for years and years now. Always always always makes my days better. Such beautiful little souls.

Magazine for a Monday: Kinfolk

I don’t know about you, but I think one of the best parts of having a home are the get togethers. Or as the mister puts it, hosting. (Him and his prep school lingo…) We don’t get to do it often, with our busy schedules, limited together time on the weekend, and all of us having kiddos these days, but when we do, I absolutely love it. We prefer a less formal occassion, sometimes with a general theme like Italian, and sometimes not. And everyone brings something, a little potluck dinner if you will. Enjoying an evening with your friends, with good food, sips, great conversation, the kids playing, and music in the background, is what it’s all about. And maybe a board game or two. So simple, yet so special.

So it’s no surprise that when I stumbled upon Kinfolk Magazine, I was immediately in heaven. From their manifesto: “Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. We recognize that there is something about a table shared by friends, not just a wedding or once-a-year holiday extravaganza, that anchors our relationships and energizes us….the way we feel entertaining should be: simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived”. A magazine solely dedicated to all things small gatherings, simplicity, local and nature! These people have awesome jobs, that’s all I have to say. The styling, the photography, the lighting, the guests – EVERYTHING about Kinfolk is absolutely beautiful and simple. Their website features videos by amazingly talented filmmakers, links to their 5 Volumes, and a journal.

They also showcase the most wonderful Dinner Series you have ever laid your eyes upon – they’ve held 7 ‘local’ dinners so far this year, in various cities around the country. “The Kinfolk dinner series is about inviting people to gather and take advantage of the rich community that already exists around them, opening up and drawing close to the people that share a common place.”

Kinfolk Austin

{Kinfok Dinner Series: Austin Picnic; via}

Kinfolk Brooklyn

{Kinfolk Dinner Series: Brooklyn Dinner; via}

Kinfolk Philadelphia

{Kinfolk Dinner Series: Philadelphia Dinner; via}

{From Kinfolk Volume 5; via}

You can pick up the Autumn themed Volume 5 now, and also purchase the earlier volumes directly on their website. I’ve seen it in Anthropologie, and there is also a list of all stockists. Kinfolk’s description of Volume 5: “…delve into practical ideas and recipes for entertaining as the leaves begin to fall: herb drying at home, fall camping, meals to take surfing and new seasonal traditions.”  You will thank me, I promise.

Pretty Song for the Day: Blood by The Middle East