Wednesday Love – Pretty Things

I like pretty things. A lot. I came into this world a girly girl, always loving the pretty things. I love pretty photos, pretty music, pretty designs, pretty quotes, pretty stories, pretty clothes, pretty homes… Obviously “pretty” is very subjective, and it’s not always necessarily a ‘pretty’ thing at all. I like painfully pretty things, articles that get my heart and my mind going, photos that are so sadly pretty. Pretty can be so many things.

This video for Featherstone by The Paper Kites is absolutely pretty. Not just aesthetically, it is absolutely gorgeous videography, but just the whole concept. The song is slow and deliberate, almost calming. And you get to watch these innocent little kids walking through the forest, on a mission – and the mission ends up being this amazing pillow fight in the middle of the forest. It  just looks so freeing, so pure. Everytime I see the scene when their pillow fight starts, and the smiles and grins on the faces, I love it. What a feeling.


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