Manhattan Love

I am in desparate need of a vacation like yesterday RIGHT NOW…but since that’s not happening, I’ve just been daydreaming about my little weekend trip to NYC coming up in late April. I’m taking my mom for her first time for her birthday (are we crazy…going on a vacation, just the two of us, together, mother and daughter?!), but still, I’m so so so excited. I went twice last year, the first time ever in February with just C and I, the second time with C and my little sugar for 4th of July and C’s birthday. And I love it!!!

My mom has never really wanted to go, but I think hearing C talk about it (very enthusiastically…it’s his home away from home he feels) and then hearing me talk about how much I loved it, has swayed her a little. She’s an artist, free-spirit, and nature lover. She loves little cafes, shops, and gardens. She also loves photography, and there is plenty to photograph. So, I know she will absolutely love Manhattan. We’re staying at the edge of TriBeCa and Soho, which I think is perfect for us. I started off laying out our entire trip, but I know how it goes when you get there…there is no plan. There is just too much to see and experience that the plan seems to go out the window. Even still, I have a list of the places I’d like to take her:

Washington Square Park: It will be late April, so hopefully the weather will be perfect in the 60s or 70s. I love this little park, with the beautiful arch, fountain, and plethora of street performers and artists. It’s very inspiring. I think she will love it.

Washington Square Greenwich

Washington Square Park in February

– Greenwich Village: Amazing little shops and cafes (and Washington Square Park). We stayed in an apartment off Sullivan this past summer, so we were literally steps away from this awesomeness. We walked down Bleecker and MacDougal everyday, and every night. We had dinner at Caffe del Mare as well as Ciao Ristorante across the street. I got coffee at Porto Rico Importing Co. (old and good, nothing fancy), and we had brunch at Sullivan Bistro.

Balcony in Greenwich Village

Balcony in Greenwich Village

– Little Italy: We actually didn’t go here either times. I think we may have walked through briefly the first trip on our way to East Village, after trekking all over the place for hours, and after a couple glasses of wine at Oscar Cafe – amazing!! – so I couldn’t tell you what Little Italy is like. My mom wants to go here…my stepdad is Italian, and we love Italian stuff. So, we will go. My picture below is from Oscar Cafe, at the edge of Soho and Greenwich Village…

Oscar Cafe NYC

Sangria & Plate at Oscar

– West Village & Chelsea: West Village is my favorite neighborhood. I love the quiet streets, trees, upscale shops, cafes, tiny parks and brownstones. I didn’t really shop on either trips before, but I have a feeling we will do a little shopping. There are a ton of boutiques to choose from, and of course, there’s the Magnolia Bakery for a stop in between shops.  I’d love to visit the Abingdon Square Green Market that happens every Saturday, but I know there are tiny markets that pop up all over the city on any given weekend, so we’ll be ok.

I can’t say that we explored much of Chelsea. We made it to the edge, where Chelsea Market is, and then went back down into West Village because we loved it. This summer we went into Chelsea briefly, but it was during our walk to see the fireworks on the river  at 22nd Street with 5 gazillion other people, and then back home around 11pm. Sp we didn’t explore much. BUT, we did go into Chelsea Market on the first trip and I know she will love it. If we could, I would move to NYC and work in Chelsea Market! I just love it that much. The brick building, the little shops inside and the neat businesses – it’s everything I love about NYC, put into one building. No franchises and no cookie cutter type retailers, except maybe Anthropologie, but even that place is pretty freaking great. C and I each grabbed a crepe from Bar Suzette Creperie – nutella, bananas, and strawberries yum – and I’m pretty sure it was the best snack ever. I could eat there everyday and never get sick of it. Serious.

West Village Summer

West Village in the Summer

Central Park: One big gigantic, beautiful garden. She’s going to be in heaven. I think making the first half of Saturday time for Central Park will be good. Walking down The Mall is breathtaking. The artists set up with their easels on the side of the walkways. There are hotdog and drink vendors on the corners. It is all so wonderful. I’d love to walk through The Ramble and to the Boathouse. She’s a garden lover, so hopefully we can find time to get up to the Conservatory Gardens, too. She also loves watching birds, and there are plenty of those here. I’m guessing this will be her favorite part of the entire city. I can imagine living here, going to the park for morning runs, or laying in the Sheep Meadow in the spring time with the little sugar and C, with a picnic and books.

Central Park Sheep Meadow

Playing in the Sheep Meadow

I know most likely, our plans will fall apart and we’ll end up just going wherever the city takes us. And I’m completely ok with it. I’m thinking I’ll need to plan another trip in the near future though, longer than a weekend, so we can explore even more. Or we can just move. I can’t let C know this second option though, because our home would be packed up in minutes, and my daughter and I would be living in Central Park with him, jobless and moneyless. I have a feeling we’d still be happy though.

Can’t wait!!!


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