Dreams, Oh I Have Dreams

Man, I feel like lately, I’ve just been eating everything up (not literally…although I am eating lots of clean food up and it feels so so good!). I mean, I’ve just been searching my soul and doing a lot of reading and learning. I really feel like the fog I’ve been in (for ummm you know, like 4 years…) is dissipating. And it’s crazy to realize that it really is, for the most part, up to me. It was my choice to move forward. It was my choice to begin therapy. It was my choice to take responsibilty for myself and my family. It was my choice to CHOOSE HAPPINESS. And wow, what an eye opening process it is. I JUST LOVE IT. I’m getting interested again in the things that I’ve always loved… photography, design, reading, healthy living, cooking, music, beauty, and especially all pretty girly things (yep, that’s my pin boards…). THINGS I’VE LOVED MY WHOLE LIFE! I’ve found my dreams again and it’s wonderful. Yea, I’ve had hard, horrible, out-right miserable days for sure. But it’s up to me to pick myself up the next day (or next minute for that matter) and choose to move forward. To choose joy. – It really helps that I’m with someone who loathes self-pity, negativity, and the victim mentality…I’ll give him some credit. 

In my mid-day inspiration snooping, I came across the Postively Positive website, which I’ve never heard of. What little I have read, I have loved. While reading this great list of ‘lessons’, I came across one that really jumped out at me (they’re all great though, really). “If you are passionate about something, pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks. That’s how dreams are achieved.” It really spoke to me, I felt like it was meant for me to read in that very moment. Because, while I do have these dreams of leaving the business world and getting back to what I love, and being with my daughter more, I also let the everyday life things like bills, rent, future private school costs, etc. get to me. And I allow them to let me talk myself out of my dreams. But, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks about what I love and what I feel I should do with my life and my family’s life. That’s the beautiful part of it – it just takes some reminding. I think it’s time I give myself this gift of getting back to what I love and building the dreams that I deserve to build. And then go out there and achieve those dreams. I really think anyone can do it, and this quote is such a great reminder of that.


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