Ok, I have to just let it out. Maybe I’m turning into some crunchy hippie mommy, one who now reads the backs of food products (less is good), cleaning supply labels and would rather grow my own food if it was an option right now. Just maybe. And I’m really ok with it, like REALLY ok with it. I’m excited about it actually…say what you will. But, at least I know I’m taking responsibility for myself and my family. I will not sit here and lie and say I’m 100% going for it and am healthier than anybody out there, because honestly, we live on a budget and unfortunately living a clean lifestyle is not exactly easy on a bank account (although I did manage to stick to a budget on a grocery trip this past weekend, and came back with virtually no processed junk! Hooray!). But, I’m holding myself accountable for the things I put into mine and my family’s body, the things I put in our home, and the things I expose us to (it’s a process, but I think I’m on the right track and really have some momentum going here). –You know what, I actually feel GREAT TOO. It’s going to have to be a different day and post, but I just have to say, I feel so much better on this process of living cleaner. I should probably say it that way actually, living cleaner…because living clean sounds like it’s all or nothing. Which I’m not. I myself treats, and I allow myself to slip up.–

I have to be accountable and responsible. Nobody else is going to do it for me (that’s the great thing about being in control of YOU) – we won’t even get started on my idea of the whole food industry, or even healthcare industry. Since really looking into and learning more about the clean lifestyle, I’ve become almost angry about what I’ve found. Angry about the lack of respect or care for people’s health – we know good and well that it is much cheaper to pick the fruit off the tree and eat it, rather than producing huge quantities of genetically modified, chemical treated fruits and then packaging, shipping and marketing said fruit. But somehow, AMAZINGLY, the real food (read: healthier, better tasting, natural) costs us more. It’s sad to see how quickly health and livelihood go out the window, all in the name of convenience and profit. No wonder we have such a problem with diabetes, cancers, autoimmune diseases, obesity, hormonal problems and more. It’s helps with big business. Gives us jobs, helps the economy, blah blah blah.

What would really help the economy is taking responsibility for yourself, holding yourself accountable. This doesn’t just go for what we eat and use. It goes for how you live everyday life. At lunch today we were talking about what’s been on the news lately (funny how we hear so much about the negativity in the world…sad actually, not funny). A coworker mentioned a story about two lowlifes (Yes lowlifes. You are a lowlife if you think you are owed something and you don’t need to get out and earn it. Work for what you want, work for what you believe in people!). Anyway, these two guys tried robbing a convenience store clerk, but the clerk didn’t fall for the first trick…so after he though the two losers left, he went to clean the mess they made. Sadly, this was a trap, and the two guys ran back in through doors that they secretly kept propped open so as not to lock on them, shot the guy in the legs first so he couldn’t escape, and then shot him in the head and killed him. They robbed the place for a few hundred dollars. A few hundred dollars. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG HERE? It’s pure evil, and it’s getting out of control. You know, I am actually worried about having my daughter grow up in a world like this. There is no one there to teach these two guys to be responsible for their actions, to hold them accountable. You have someone that teaches you that, so one day, you will do it yourself. Nowadays it feel like it’s every man for himself, not a care for our lives. I’m sorry, but you take responsibility, and you teach your kids the same. It’s upsetting to see this problem running rampant everywhere you look.

Ohhh yea, and more on the eating…I’m sure a lot of people don’t agree with me, and may think my comments are rude, but here goes anyway. So, Paula Deen comes out yesterday to say she has had Type 2 Diabetes for 3 years, and she’s even now a spokeswoman for some medication that helps it. WOW. Who could have ever thought someone who uses tons of unhealthy fats, tons of sugars, tons of refined (read: fake food) products like white flour, who would have thought they might end up with Type 2 Diabetes? Hmm. And then, let’s take the medication forever to take care of it. And I am not anti-medication here…I believe it can be very beneficial, life-saving too. But, this seems like a bandaid to me. Why not change what you put into your body? The body that is in turn screaming for help and developing a disease? Why not take responsibility for yourself and admit that you are not eating healthy? I dare her to sit down and read about refined, processed foods. It’s eye-opening to say the least.

Yes, I know that health is not completely dictated by what we put into our bodies and what we expose ourselves to. I know this. But you have got to believe that it only makes sense that we do have much more power to prevent and treat the problems than we say. There are life situations and genetics that of course play a role, but if you have control over one part of the equation, why not take responsiblity for it? Yes, I would LOVE to eat those chocolate chip cookies that are already packaged and will last 5 whole months in my fridge tonight. I love my chocolate, my cookies and brownies. But what I love more is the good feeling I get from choosing something better for me. A good feeling mentally, because I know I have control over my choices and I’m in control of my body. A good feeling literally too – it feels good to not have achy joints, sore muscles, extreme fatigue, severe anxiety, foggy depression (the last two have REALLY started getting better since working on being clean…maybe it also has something to do with peace of mind). It feels good. Those are all things I’ve been dealing with lately. ME. I am almost 28 years old. It speaks volumes to me – to actually feel what it’s like to take responsiblity and hold myself accountable. I’m really enjoying it, who wold have thought.

So the moral of the (very jumbled, rambling) story here is you have a responsibility to yourself, and your family if you have one to take care of – a responsibility to make good decisions, learn accountability and enjoy it all at the same time.

Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well. ~Marcus Valerius Martial


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