I’m back!

So, as we can see from the previous post, I have not been on this thing since AUGUST. Four months. Four very busy, tiring months. But, I’m back now, and I plan to stick to it this time. I’m determined. Just had to start to get a few things taken care of…

Anyway. Christmas was two days ago, and I think we all did pretty well. My little sugar was spoiled again, of course, and deservedly so. We’re going to just call the millions of tantrums and breakdows of 2011 ‘building blocks’ and ‘learning experiences’, helping her stay on the NICE LIST. 🙂 She’s extra lucky having a birthday two days before Christmas, and fortunately for her, nobody does the we’rejustgoingtolumpbothgiftstogethersowedon’thavetospendmoremoneyonyou thing – not so fortunate for a our ever shrinking condo. Among the goodies acquired by her greatness were a three-story doll house (thanks Nana, we’ll put it next to the ginormous teddy bear she got last year from you!), a Dora Kitchen plus every kitchen accessory and appliance imaginable, an art easel, a Toy Story sleeper sofa and everything else under the sun Toy Story. We all love spoiling her. I think she’s ok with it too. The guy was spoiled too, with a collection of custom gifts for his ‘preppy taste’…monogrammed decanter, scotch, bourban, ice bucket, sweaters, preppy guy books, preppy socks and more. The guy loves his preppy.

I did pretty awesome too. REALLY AWESOME. I got a new sewing machine, Photoshop software, magazines galore (the more inspiration the merrier), kitchen things, AND a Canon Rebel EOS 350. HOORAY!!! I’ve already looked into taking a local DSLR Photography Beginner’s class sometime in the next few months, and found a GREAT online sewing course on the Freckled Nest. I’m so freaking excited. Since I cannot convince the guy to let me quit my day job (my paycheck is a nice addition to our comfy life), I’m going to have to MAKE it happen. I’m ready. I’m turning 28 in a month, and I think it’s about time I start going in the direction that I love. I know I can do it, it’s just going to take some hard work, determinitation and drive. And maybe a stint on INTERVENTION for my procrastination issue. (There I said it, I procrastinate.)

So my hopes and plans for this blog are to share the things I love, things that inspire me, motivate me, things that are on my mind, really just anything and everything that can inspire. There will be no rhyme or reason, kind of all of the place, like ME.  I need to round up all my little lists and pieces of scrap paper that I’ve scribbled inspiration on and get on it.


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